How To Get Youtube Views

How To Get Youtube Views

Youtube, like many other social media platforms, is no longer optional if you want to run a successful business or create a well-performing brand. The people are out there, surfing the web and looking for valuable information – and Youtube is one of the main locations where all that value is hosted. Brands and businesses need to use Youtube, not only because everyone else is doing it but because it is an easy way to reach and win over potential customers.

Share Your Value, Use Youtube

yt1Youtube is a paragon of modern society: people use it disseminate information, entertain one another, create learning guides, make points about politics, sell products, show off their cats, and to do just about anything else you can think of.  Businesses especially can benefit from using Youtube as well. That’s why it’s important to keep your Youtube active and engaging, gaining subscribers and views while spreading the word.

Why Are Views Important?

Simply put, views create more views. A video with a lot of views is more appealing to an average Youtube surfer, so if your video already has views (as well likes and comments), you can attract even more than a competing video with only a few views. With each person that views your video, you can increase traffic to your main website and build your brand’s reputation.
Youtube needs a way to sort through the endless content that is uploaded every hour. If you don’t want your video to get lost in the fray, you need views. Those views will attract other authentic views, ones that play up one of Youtube’s big ranking factors, “watch time.” Watch time is the measurement of how long a viewer stayed on the video. If a video has the ability to hook viewers for a good portion of time, it’s probably a quality video in Youtube’s eyes. Once a video gets enough views, it is easier to find – and you no longer need to buy views, authentic views just come naturally.

Can You Buy A Viral Experience?

No, but you can make a good start. Nobody can predict what video will go viral. Those things happen without trying. But you can make sure your video has enough views to give it a fighting chance.
Because views are so important, it is vital to create a video that will win viewers from across the web even if you are also buying views. Once your video with a high amount of views has hooked an authentic viewer, they will watch longer – which is great news for your video because ofYoutube’s ranking algorithm, and great for your brand because people who need your information (and possibly your product) have watched your video.

Top Ways To Get Youtube Views

3d people - man, person with magnifying glass and word "solution"Give Away Valuable Content: Whether it’s an entertaining original song, a step by step guide on how to complete a task, or a make-up tutorial, any video that is worth anything needs to be giving away something viewers value. If they took the time to search for it, they want something usable.
Make Your Video Look Good: Film with a high quality video set up. If you’re using a spokesperson, make sure they are confident. Edit out long periods of silence. Use graphics. Choose an appealing thumbnail. The moment your video is no longer watchable, you will lose your viewer – and it can happen even before the video is clicked on if you choose a boring or unappealing thumbnail.
Tag Your Videos Properly:  Tagging a video will help your video come up during a user search. Make sure to have a variety of tags that are connected to the subject of your video, including generic tags, tags that Youtube suggests, compound tags (phrases/multiple word), and commonly misspelled words that are searchers might use to find your video. Check out your competitor’s tags to get an idea of how to tag your video.
Choose An Awesome Title: Be descriptive, to the point, and pack in your keywords. There is a 100 character limit for video titles. Combine good SEO that will get your video found with an appealing title that will get people to click on it.
Fill Out The Description: People want to know what your video is about, so don’t disappoint them. You can also use the description to add links and contact information.
Byt3e Engaging: Watch time is a huge factor for Youtube’s ranking, so create an engaging video that will encourage viewers to hang in there for longer periods of time. You can do this with great animation, a charismatic host, an awesome soundtrack, or just by having information that nobody else does.  You can also encourage people to leave comments by asking questions and starting a discussion in the comments. There are endless ways to engage viewers.
Have A Sense of Humour: If you can find a way to make your explanation of how to install a lift kit on a truck funny, do it. Boring videos don’t garner much watch time.
Don’t Forget To Share: Even if you are buying views, don’t forget to share your video with your own social networks. Post it on your business’ twitter, Facebook, or blog. Encourage others to do the same.
Be Popular: Views beget more views. And while you can’t always be naturally popular, you can give yourself some extra views by purchasing them. A video with a large number of views will almost always gain more views than a competing video with a fraction of those views.

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